Quick, to the Man Cave! You don’t need to be a billionaire superhero to deck your cave out like (insert rich superhero).

The Man Cave. The inner sanctum. The place of peace. Somewhere every man retreats to, to recharge his batteries, unwind, or just escape for a couple hours.

But there’s something all Man Caves have in common, and that’s how it’s a blend of how impractical and practical a room can be when a man is given full reign!

This helpful little guide will put you on the right track to making sure your cave has all the essentials an aspiring Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark needs!

Screen Size Counts

Whether you want to watch your favourite flicks or just the big game, you’re gonna need a big screen.

What’s that I hear? You can’t justify buying another huge flat screen?

Look no further, friends. Now you can adjust how big you want your screen with a projector!


Does your man cave have size limitations? Then no worries, there’s such a huge abundance of compact and portable projectors, it’ll take no time to find the right one for your cave.

Just hook your console up to it and bask in the glory of the giant 1080p spectacle.  

Alright, that’s the big screen sorted. What else does a man need?

Snacks… Lots of Snacks

Sustenance of course, maybe even drinks.

Perhaps drinks that are more enjoyable when cooled to a certain temperature. Drinks of an amber colour, with a slight bitter taste.

You get the gist.

You’re gonna need a fridge. But not just a fridge, a miniature fridge. Just compact enough to be stowed somewhere accessible and big enough to hold a night’s worth of refreshments.

Once again, the space availability of your cave is going to need to come into consideration. Whether it be a mini fridge like:


Or even a full blown beverage cooler:


No man cave is complete without one.

Make it more Cave-y

So that’s entertainment and sustenance covered. Now it needs to feel like a cave.

And no, I don’t mean crack the windows and let the cold, wet and wildlife inside. Your cave needs to look like an extension of yourself, a little fragment of your personality in room form.


Personally, as a lover of cinema, my own cave walls are emblazoned with original and framed Star Wars posters.

I find the classic 70s style of movie poster to just look a feel great. If you have a taste for uh, tasteful, posters then take a gander below and start ordering!


Remember, there’s no shame to be had in pursuing your hobbies and interests, so hang em up loud n’ proud on your cave walls!

A Throne for Your Highness

Alright guys, now comes the most important part (in my humble opinion) of a man cave. The Chair

This piece of furniture is going to be your captain’s seat. The exact point in the room that you sink into and immediately unwind. And it needs to feel perfect for you.

As such, I can only show you fellow gentlemen the doorway (to good chairs), it is you, who must walk through it…

Let’s start off with another of my personal favourites. It’s leather. It’s big. It’s soft. It reclines. And it has a drinks holder. Best of all? You won’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for one.


There are of course, alternate options, based on your own personal cave layout.

Whilst many would use theirs for movies, sitting back and relaxing, others may use their cave for hardcore gaming. Of course, we have you covered as well.


This is for those who need utmost comfort and stability whilst jamming away at their keyboards. A little pricey but the money pays for the best.

Voted PC Gamer’s best gaming chair of 2018, it’s nothing to be scoffed at.

Turn Up the Lights in Here Baby

I feel like we’re missing something… Something that would tie up this list with a nice ribbon. Oh yes, LIGHTS.

What better way to manipulate the mood in your room than by manipulating the colour?

Reliable colour change bulbs are yours for under a tenner! As simple as popping it into the socket and flipping the switch.


I’m not done yet. I know men, I am one after all. And what better way to make your room seem like something plucked straight from a George Lucas CG dream, than LED STRIPPING EVERYWHERE.


Within minutes your cave will be glowing brighter than the flight deck of the Enterprise.

What more could a man want?!

Building your own man cave?

Let us know how you’ve decked out your very own cave in the comments below.

Post header image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tranztec/3895156211

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