Furnish your living room with a set of tub chairs and rest your bones in comfort like you’ve never known.

I became the proud owner of a tub chair when I was searching for something comfortable to sit in whilst playing my little brother’s Xbox in 2009. The only problem was that it would reside in his bedroom, not mine, so I had to make sure that I purchased a strong, easy to clean chair.

Because tub chairs are contemporary in appearance and style, the most popular upholstery finish you’ll find when buying is leather. It doesn’t limit the rest of your interior though as you can find them in a variety of colours to match your proposed or existing room’s colour scheme and theme.

Alternatively, you could just choose suede or fabric upholstery to relate or contrast your tub chairs with other textures or furnishings in their intended room (note: such upholstered chairs are more difficult to rid of stains or marks from spills and accidents).

Black Leather Tub Chair

The tub chair that I bought was a short, black leather chair to match my brother’s rouge contemporary bedroom. I was able to clean it with a damp cloth as and when needed – an essential benefit required when furnishing a messy little brother’s habitat.

As I switched on the games console and lounged back into the seat for the very first time I found myself embraced by the comfort of the padding that tub chairs are famous for. Ooo!

What is a Tub Chair?

A tub chair is shaped like a Victorian cast iron bath cut in half with two extra legs, padding, cushions, and a wooden frame – all wrapped in an upholstered finish.

The single-seat chair is traditionally used in the living room either as a standalone armchair or as a pair, however, tub chairs can ultimately be used in any room and are often favoured as foyer seating in large companies due to their high-class contemporary appeal.

The armrests come in two types but are most commonly found flat-topped in parallel with the floor with a back of equal height. The other type is a raised-back tub which has angled arm rests that slope downwards from the back of the chair – an almost throne-like look.

Recommended Interior Settings for Tub Chairs

When arranging a living room with a tub chair set or pair, a popular configuration involves facing them at one another with a large space in between them for a coffee table, rug or nothing at all. Other settings can see them as four chairs around a contemporary glass table – an ideal home poker setting for four players, or simply facing towards a focus point within the room, such as a coffee table or television.

Tub Chair in the Bedroom as a Bedroom Chair

The tub chair can also be used as a bedroom chair (as is my case) where it is best placed as standalone seating due to their large size, unless you have a big bedroom to house a pair of them.

Other environments can be in executive offices as seating for guests or in contemporary coffee shops.

Comfy, Durable, and Long-Lasting

As for my tub chair, I’m really happy with my purchase which has been durable enough to withstand the tests of a teenage occupant for nearly five years. A point worth noting is that my chair came with screw-on legs which has been fine, however, I have an inkling that legs built onto the chair’s frame will last longer than detachable ones.

My main suggestion, if you’re in the marketing for a new tub chair, is to buy one that you like and can easily clean i.e. leather or faux leather if you intend to use it frequently unless you are adamant on buying a fabric tub.

They are without a doubt one of the most comfortable chairs I have ever experienced.

Randal Whitmore

Editor of Home Luv and a prolific writer and reader of interior design and home improvement. Currently undergoing a variety of building and renovation projects. Big fan of solving complex problems with simple solutions.

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