Rustic living room designs take the defining elements of nature and highlight them in as natural a way as possible. It is a great setting to live in if you love the outdoors and admire historic design features from the pre-Victorian era.

There are no specific rules or boundaries you have to follow when decorating your living room this way, making it completely customisable to your tastes. To start you off, here are a few décor essentials that will get you on your way to a fancy rustic interior.

Medieval-Looking Coffee Tables

You don’t have to have a coffee table but if you’d like one in your living room, there are some great rustic designs to choose from.

Common table features include varnished hardwood frames (oak, pine, etc.) and crafted iron parts for decoration or reinforced structure.

Coffee TableImage borrowed from Nic Inc.

Genuine Leather Seating

Immerse yourself in the stunning comfort of a genuine leather sofa or armchair and add an extra touch of ranch-esque flair to your rustic arrangement.

Any shape of seating will do, the more original the better. Recent designs that have impressed me the most are the horse saddle-shaped kind by Timothy Oulton. Very cowboy, very outback, very cool!

Saddle ChairImage borrowed from Homes of Elegance

Mirrors With a Hand-Made Essence

The authentic appearance of a rustic wall mirror that shares the same design features as the iron & hardwood coffee table looks fantastically historic, as well as provides lighting benefits to the living room.

Position it well to maximise what natural light this room receives. Clever placement can also make the room look almost twice as big.

Wall MirrorImage borrowed from Etsy retailer HurdandHoney

Hardwood Flooring

Installing wooden floors can inject warmth into your room and transform its overall brightness – depending on the tone of floor panel colour you settle on. Lighter colours can trick the eye into believing the room is larger and more spacious. Darker shades can absorb more light, making the room feel its size, if not smaller and cosier.

If you’d prefer to have dark hardwood flooring but want the lighting benefits of a lighter floor, lay down a large, brightly coloured rug to make the rugged area of the room appear spacier.

Hardwood FloorImage borrowed from Youngs Flooring

There’s More to Explore

The suggestions I’ve made are just a few essential décor choices you can opt for to start creating your rustic living room design. There’s much more for you to explore, which will be covered in future articles, however, don’t be afraid to try implementing furniture and accessories that look like they complement the above.

Got a suggestion for our readers? Let us know in the comments how you’d make your perfect rustic living room.

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