Remember Friends? Of course you do. If you didn’t watch the popular US TV show on Channel 4 when it was originally shown then you’ve at least seen a repeat on E4 or Comedy Central in recent years.

Two of my favourite characters from the beloved TV comedy were Joey (Matt le Blanc) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) who lived together in a New York City apartment for the first few seasons.

Remembering Rosita

The most commonly used room at Joey and Chandler’s place was the living room, where a number of furniture pieces are still remembered today including the fussball table, the giant cabinet that Joey made himself, and of course Rosita!

Check out the moment Rachel broke Joey’s beloved Rosita on YouTube.

As a tribute to one of the greatest sitcoms in TV history, I’ve decided to go in search of Rosita and found 5 places in the UK where you can get your very own reclining chair in a similar brown leather look and style to the Barcalounger that entertained millions of people worldwide.

Rosita Replacement #1 – Frances Hunt

Frances Hunt Recliner Chair

Photo © Frances Hunt – taken from their range of living room furniture.

Rosita Wannabe #2 – Sofas World

Sofas World Recliner Chair

Photo © Sofas World – electric recliner rather than manual though still similar.

Rosita Look-a-like #3 – Recliners Direct

Recliners Direct Lazy Boy

Photo © Recliners Direct – similar colour and shape to Rosita.

Rosita’s Possible Twin #4 – Furniture Village

Furniture Village Recliner Chair

Photo © Furniture Village – not a bad copy of the Barcalounger.

Big Fat Rosita #5 – DFS

DFS Recliner Chair

Photo © DFS – nice recliner but slightly wider, as if Rosita gained a few pounds.

Now that you know where to find your very own version of what is possibly the most famous reclining living room chair in the world, go out and get it! If you have the spare change to get a couple, you’ll have as much fun as the guys from Friends did.

Randal Whitmore

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