In our world of consumerism and life of wants, I often like to find ways to reign in our cluttered surroundings and live a bit more minimalist.

As you may know, I am a big promoter of multi-functional furniture that allows more room, which is why we’re going to look at a chic little two-in-one product that I’ve recently come to own.

b-qubed beanbag chair and table

Its made by a company called B-Bag and is known as the B-Qubed with tabletop – an obvious name when you consider its architecture.

It’s a comfortable, compact beanbag when you need the occasional extra seat and a neat, and surprisingly sturdy, coffee table when you need somewhere to settle your cup.

Whether you’d ever need it as both is up to your lifestyle. I tend to have friends over quite regularly so its use will depend on whether I have enough seating for my guests. Too many people and the B-Qubed will find itself squashed by a bottom but fewer peeps will allow it to meet the requirements that a tiny table can provide.

Using the B-Qubed as a Chair

At a first glance this product doesn’t look like it would be strong enough to hold your weight, what with its multiple square-shaped gaps. Nevertheless I was pleased with its performance as a beanbag chair. Firm enough for a sensible sitting position and stable enough to prevent you from rolling off.

Sittin on the B-qubed

Using the B-Qubed as a Table

Once the strengthened piece of plastic tabletop has been slotted into the beanbag, it becomes the perfect side table. I know I said coffee table earlier but I don’t find the surface large enough compared to a typical side table.

I tried balancing a pint glass full of water on the corner, which I thought would be its weakest point. Again, I was pleasantly surprised at its stability, even when under a mini-earthquake test.

In addition, the square gap in the centre of the tabletop makes it a perfect holder for the many television remote controls I unfortunately own. However, you could put some type of decoration inside of it, like a mock flower and vase.


Suitable Interior Styles

It is obvious that this piece of furniture would be best suited to a modern, clean and contemporary-styled room – most likely the living room. It does, however, have a futuristic appeal to it that would make it well suited for a kid’s bedroom or games room.

The faux leather upholstery feels genuine and could certainly fool a discerning eye plus it fit in with the two-piece suite in my living room – all of which is also made of faux material.


Where I Got It

I got hold of this innovative piece of furniture from Room to Grow. I chose to have mine in purple – as close to Home Luv’s signature colour as possible; but you can buy it in 11 other colours too.

I was impressed by the quick delivery time, although the presentation wasn’t anything spectacular. Then again, how often do you expect a package to be sparkling with the dust of a thousand glowing fairies?

In this case I think the company are missing a trick by not having some form of branded packaging like Amazon do. Marketing advice over, now to back to the product.

Overall I am impressed by the design of this chair/ table and would recommend it for people who could fit a piece of futuristic-looking minimalism into their homes.

My only concern is how long will it be before the chair begins to sag and its supple structure deteriorates? Only time will tell!

Randal Whitmore

Editor of Home Luv and a prolific writer and reader of interior design and home improvement. Currently undergoing a variety of building and renovation projects. Big fan of solving complex problems with simple solutions.

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