Living rooms can set the tone for an entire home. It’s the first area your guests can see, and it’s one of the first places where family members can lounge around after a long day. They can make lasting memories in every household, which is why every detail of it has to be perfectly laid out. This particularly includes a good choice of timber flooring.

Timber Flooring in a Living Room
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It also wouldn’t hurt if you’d join in with the conservation efforts for the good of Mother Earth. They are less expensive to have compared to processed flooring, which could emit harmful chemicals and by-products to the environment. Once you’ve installed high quality timbre flooring, you won’t frequently need to replace it either.

Tips for Placing Timber in Your Home

If you are sold on timber flooring, here are some key pointers you need to check. This will ensure that your chosen material fits your home interior and can withstand the daily activities held in your living room:

  • Choice of Timber Species: There are various types of flooring which can be applied in your home, as there is a minimum of 19 selections to choose from. They come in different grades, textures and compositions. Every kind of tree they come from is different, and this means their availability within vicinities should also be considered.
    You can choose from Australian Beech, White Oak, Cypress, French Oak, and even Bamboo. They can blend with your living room, depending on the hues you’re aiming for.
  • Shade and Colour: Dyeing systems can further enhance the look of your flooring. Consider the finishing processes which take place on it. Knowing the nature of your flooring’s finishing can help you understand the materials that would entirely fit your interior.
    If your flooring is on the lighter side, this usually means you’re aiming for a peaceful and calming interior. Should you also like your visitors to feel warmth and a welcoming reaction from your living room you may opt to go for a darker shade.
    There can be instances when you’ve chosen darker hues of timber flooring. Unfortunately, they may not entirely fit your interior later on. There are additional services you can opt for which may brighten and reduce the shade of your flooring. These are supplementary considerations that are also worth thinking about.
  • Textures and Finishes: The texture of your floor can provide an additional depth and dimension in your living room. Its wooden materials may go through sanding, painting, or washing through chosen inks. Each finishing process will have corresponding effects on the flooring’s texture. They may appear glossy, rusty, or in matte. If you’ve got a rustic house or a refined interior, then you’ll have to ‘harmonize’ your choice of flooring with it.
  • A welcoming living room can provide a sense of calm and comfort to your visitors. One of the best ways to make this happen is through investing in high quality timber flooring. Timber flooring has a classic look. Once you’ve chosen the most appropriate material for your home, you can never go wrong with your interior’s design template.

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