There is a contradiction arising in the modern kitchen; with the continuing trend for clean lines and minimalism in design and the technological advances leading to more and more kitchen time saving devices, it is increasingly difficult to find enough storage while making the most of your space and maintaining a functioning, modern kitchen.


Through our experience as designers, lovers of kitchens of all shapes and sizes and just a little bit of research, we’ve put together some suggestions to help you get the most space out of your kitchen, which is, after all, the heart of the home.

How To Maximise Kitchen Space

It sounds like an obvious one, but appliances are a good place to start. Whether it’s opting for a good old fashioned washing line over an electricity guzzling tumble dryer or sliding a slimline fridge-freezer into that awkward space in the corner, there are ways to accommodate all mod cons without sacrificing space. In fact, all modern appliances are available in more diminutive versions.

Simple tip: freezer bags can also be a great help in organising the fridge, maximising efficiency and freeing up space.

Let’s face it; a large proportion of any kitchen needs to be given over to storage, whether it be crockery, utensils, supplies or miscellaneous items that just seem to collect (we’ve all got one of ‘those’ drawers, right?).

One of the kitchen’s primary functions is keeping things out of the way. With such a large number of stored items, there will always be opportunities for reorganising to find that extra room. Making use of the otherwise unused areas just inside cabinet doors to hang cooking utensils can free up valuable drawer space or using a magnetic knife rack, which is not only hygienic but will also leave you more room for manoeuvre on those much-needed work surfaces.

Planning For Kitchen Space Through Design

Perhaps the most critical part of getting the most from the space in your kitchen is the design phase, this is where we come in! In the photo below, taken of a finished project in Goff’s Oak, sink and hobs are angled in the sweep of the worktop to maximise the usable space.

metris linear wenge goffs oak

The addition of an island brings what would otherwise be open floor space into play. An island can accommodate extra worktops, a hob, sink or eating area while providing additional storage units beneath. The Nolte Manhattan kitchen below is a great example of the innovative ways an island can enhance the space.

nolte manhattan and spot southgate

Creating the perfect space for entertaining, strange as it sounds, can help maintaining an orderly living space. Hosting guests will not only give you a chance to show off your amazingly clutter-free kitchen, people who entertain more are actually more likely to keep a tidy house.

Lighting can have a real impact, if not on the actual size of your kitchen, lighter colours can give a greater feeling of space; light coloured work surfaces or creative use of lighting, as in the Avant beige kitchen below, will give the impression of extra space.

avant beige and wenge winchmore hill


Arthur writes about interior design and home improvements for C&C Kitchens, based in Enfield, North London. C&C design and install kitchens in a range of traditional and contemporary styles.

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