A well designed kitchen should in principle be practical, tidy, and easy to clean. I therefore wonder why some interior designers and homeowners enjoy the sight of their kitchen’s clutter by intentionally displaying dinner sets, drinking glasses and other knick knacks.

One might argue that it allows more functionality within the kitchen i.e. if you need a plate quickly you can grab it without opening a cupboard. In my opinion, unless you are knocking out food at the speed of Gordon Ramsay and his kitchen staff every night of the week you can afford the extra 5 seconds it takes to prepare your meal.

If you love the eclectic kitchen style of plates and cook books everywhere then you’re going to love this small collection of kitchen interiors. If on the other hand you prefer to shield your plates and cooking utensils from dirt and dust, you will share my pain.

The Supermarket Look

If you’re a big fan of supermarkets (grocery stores if you’re American) then recreating your own version at home might be your thing. When I see this layout all I can envision is weekend after weekend of taking boxes down, cleaning the shelves, cleaning the boxes, then putting them back. No thank you.

Mmm Fluffy Coffee

Everything about this kitchen looks great until you venture above the glass and notice the shelf reserved just for cook books, a stereo, decorative bowl and coffee set. Again, this kind of stuff could easily go in a cupboard. The mugs may be excusable as you generally rinse a mug before having a nice cup of tea but the rest just provides a nice hiding place for dirt.

The Reverse Kitchen Storage Solution

It’s a bold move to turn a kitchen inside out so that there are no cupboards. I’d like to say its a modern appeal but tidiness is generally promoted in contemporary kitchens and this one does not apply. Having everything on display can create a visual headache and make visitors feel like they’re in the kitchen supplies aisle of Tesco but the worst choice is to put the pots and pans at a below-the-waist level. The floor is likely to collect the most dirt as people walk in and out of the kitchen so the logical thought is to put the cooking tools near the floor right? Enjoy cleaning that lot on a regular basis.

Cook Book Ego

A positive in this kitchen is the glass cabinet which allows home-owners to see their kitchen gear if they wish without getting them dirty – nice! The only negative is the book shelf that gives any cookery fan an ego boost when visitors come over and mention the fact. Books can harbour dust quite well which won’t be nice when you pull out Delia and a dust bunny lands in your dry mix. My recommendation, pop a glass cabinet over that part too.

The Ultimate Dust Collector

Nothing more needs to be said about this kitchen that I haven’t already mentioned. Just look at the shelves and draw your own conclusions. Personally it looks like an Ikea display.

Books Up High Dinner Sets Down Low

This kitchen is another example of how not to store your dinner sets. I can also see some accidents coming from the protruding marble top that could result in head injuries when reaching for a few plates to prepare the table.

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