The fridge, even more than the oven, is becoming the essential centrepiece of the 21st century kitchen. No longer content with the identikit white appliances of the seventies, eighties and nineties, fridges are cool pieces of interior design with add-ons and design features to please everyone. They can be pricey pieces of kitchen kit though, so what do you get for your money – and which type of fridge is best for you?


Smeg is one of the names featured repeatedly in interior design blogs, and it’s not difficult to see why, with their stunning range of retro-inspired fridges and fridge-freezers. Smeg takes the bold lines of the 1950s kitchen and translates them into 2013 functionality, combining colourful, stylish looks with storage boxes, wine racks and clever little details that would look fantastic in a retro-style kitchen with clean lines. Add a cream or silver model to a brightly coloured kitchen to balance it out, or go all out and get funky with a vibrant pillar box red or purple. Smeg fridges and freezers are available in pale and interesting or bright and beautiful hues, including a candy cane stripe or a Union Jack, so you can let your imagination run away with you!

Red Smeg Fridge


Tone it down a bit in a classic kitchen with a piece of Italian style that will outlast any number of trends or redecorations. The Meneghini range combines the type of effortless elegance you would expect to find in an upmarket, understated kitchen with some exceptional design features that you’ll want to shout about. Take a look at the Meneghini La Cambusa, for example; not only does it have a style reminiscent of a Tuscan kitchen and a classic solid wood finish, but it comes with that Italian staple – space for a coffee maker. As standard, you’ll find a roomy fridge that you can customise with variable internal features including a freezer, ice-maker, pantry and even a microwave and steam oven.

Mia by Meneghini

Meneghini also produces the colourful Mia range, which would fit into a more compact kitchen without the amount of space that a La Cambusa might require. These beautifully designed fridges are available in single or double options, with a wooden finish or in one of 250 colours. The antique style of these attractive appliances would make them ideal for a country kitchen.


For a family kitchen, a large fridge is a must, and the American style ‘walk-in’ fridges are great for a growing family with big appetites. If you’re looking for a functional family fridge, the Samsung range is ideal – they look good and they come with features like a dairy box, wine rack and ice-makers, all essentials. Invest in one of these and there’ll be no more excuses for cramming all the vegetables into one tiny cool box, because these fridges are massive. Designed to be energy efficient, with LED tower lighting and multi-flow technology that will keep everything cooler for longer, the Samsung selection is the perfect refrigerator for a busy family kitchen.

Large Samsung Fridge

John Lewis

Finally, although wine coolers are clearly a popular feature in the latest fridge designs; if you’re a real wine connoisseur you might like to invest in a fridge that can hold up to 100 bottles. The elegant Wine Cooler Triple Fridge Freezer from John Lewis does away with those pesky wait times for a bottle to cool down, and you can be reassured that you’ll always have a nice cool bottle of something on hand for guests, or those ‘Thank Goodness it’s Friday’ nights in. There’s also a handy halogen-lit window in the front so that you can see how many bottles you have left!

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