Ever wish your kitchen was just a bit more organized?

Whether your kitchen is small or large, deciding how to best utilize and organize your counter space and cabinets takes some careful planning – and certainly tests your Tetris skills!

With rectangular baking pans, circular frying pans, small and large salad bowls and more to store, finding a way for everything to fit perfectly is no easy task. To mix an eclectic assortment of kitchen supplies, glasses and food items in one kitchen, it helps to get a little creative.

Well have no fear, fellow kitchen dwellers. With just a few minutes to dedicate to these 3 do-it-yourself organizational items, your kitchen will be a bit less cluttered.

DIY Solution # 1: Hang cleaning supplies under the sink with a tension rod.

What’s better than an organized kitchen? An organized and clean kitchen. But where do you keep all of those bulky cleaning supplies when you’ve run out of kitchen cabinet space? If you’re running out of room underneath your kitchen sink, don’t worry – it’s easier than you think to instantly create more space for cleaning supplies and bulky garbage bag containers.

  1. Measure the width of the cabinet underneath your kitchen sink.
  2. Buy an adjustable tension rod that is longer the measurement you took. This will ensure the rod will have enough leverage on each side.
  3. Hang the tension rod high enough to leave space for the cleaning bottles to hang without touching any items below.
  4. Hang each cleaning bottle by its nozzle.

With the help of this adjustable tension rod, you’ll leave more room for other kitchen supplies to fit nicely beneath the hanging cleaning supplies. To maximize this extra space below, use multiple plastic containers or tubs to keep smaller items all together.

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DIY Solution # 2: Recycle an old rake to hold your wine glasses.

Now that your cleaning supplies are organized, let’s show your stemware some love, shall we? Believe it or not, with a little help from an old gardening tool, your wine glasses will be easy to find and on display.

  1. Take an old hand rake and wash it thoroughly with soap and hot water.
  2. Twist picture wire around the handle of the hand rake, right where it meets the rake.
  3. Loop this over a hook and mount directly over the wall in your kitchen (can also go above a small table in the kitchen area).
  4. Hang each wine glass upside down between each tine and you’re all set!

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DIY Solution # 3: Use a magazine holder to store canned goods.

If you’re ready to recycle those old magazines, magazine holders can fit well within larger pantries or on kitchen countertops if you have room.

  1. Take a magazine holder and remove the magazines (time to recycle!)
  2. Add canned goods on their sides so they stack horizontally on top of each other. This will help organize your pantry or add a touch of creativity to your kitchen countertop.
  3. To add a splash of color to your magazine-turned-canned-food-holder, you can spray paint it to match the specific color of your kitchen décor.

Magazine Storage

So there you have it. Whether you’re looking for a place to store the Windex, wondering where to put those 5 extra wine glasses or deciding how to store canned goods, a little creativity can help you say goodbye to kitchen clutter.

Tom Papageorge

Tom Papageorge owns Atherton Appliance and BSC Culinary. Tom is passionate about running his two companies that have specialised in kitchen appliances and kitchen remodelling since 1956. He loves cooking and is fond of home organisation. Tom lives and works in Atherton, CA.

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