Bathtub Style Comfort for the Living Room
There is nothing more relaxing than sinking into the comfort of a bathtub but the rigmarole of preparing it and washing away the scum afterwards can often turn it into an upheaval. The dryer, living room version on the other hand offers equal pleasure without needing to add water.

The tub chair is one of the most comfortable types of seating that offers good lumbar support and provides a stylish bonus to any room in need of a contemporary addition.

what is a tub chair?

The Origins of the Tub Chair

The true origin of this chair is surrounded by multiple theories, however, one recurring piece of information believed to date the chair back to the 18th Century France, during the reign of King Louis XV.

Some suggest that the chair made it over to the US in the late 18th – early 19th Century where it was labelled as the Tub Chair. You could assume this is because of its likeness to the shape and design of a traditional roll top bathtub. If you imagine cutting one in half, adding four legs and some padded upholstery it would resemble the appearance of a typical tub chair.

The Purpose of a Tub Chair

So what is the point of this chair? Well its design makes it very comfortable to sit in with a curved back that cups your body. The chair’s arms are perfectly built to keep your arms in a position that feels natural as you sink into the seat. Basically its point is to give you a comfy seating experience.

In Professional Environments

Leather tub chairs are popular in hotel and office reception interiors because of their sleek, modern look. Black leather tubs are visually striking in professional environments and complement other contemporary furnishings, such as a glass coffee table.

At Home

For home interiors, the tub chair has a place in any contemporary living room but can also be used to complement or contrast with an eclectic decor.

Because they can only hold one person comfortably, tub chairs provide the additional seat in the sofa set that the man in the house has probably claimed as their own: “get out of my seat.” From a design perspective though it is preferable to have two chairs in your set for symmetrical balance.

Alternatively you could furnish your living room with four individual tub chairs – a common decor choice in some contemporary living rooms. Unfortunately this creates a formal tone to the arrangement so for cosy homes this might be less desirable.

Although the common place for a tub chair at home is in the living room, they are versatile enough as single seat chairs to be put in almost any room (even the bathroom).

In a child’s bedroom they offer a comfy place to read/ play on a games console. For big bathrooms, tub chairs allow you to chill out and dry off in your own time or they can be used as a design accent in a similar style as luxury hotel suites.

The Alternative to a Tub Chair

The unique design and structure of a tub chair defines it but there is one particular alternative seating option that could easily replace it and provide similar comfort and style.

The traditional armchair is the most suitable replacement for any tub chair although it is bulkier due to the additional padding, designed to relax as well as support you when standing up will no longer suffice.

It is fair to conclude that tub chairs are the ideal type of armchair for any home because of their tightly upholstered padding and compact design, allowing them to fit in without consuming too much space. If you haven’t sat in one before, give it a go and judge for yourself.

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