The smell of BBQ’s fill the air, insect repellant and sun cream sales are soaring, and parents are encouraging the kids to “go play outside” at any given opportunity. Yes, British Summertime is finally here, again. Kids today though, need more encouragement to take part in outdoor activities than before and the best way to do this is by investing in some quality outdoor play equipment for your garden.

Outdoor swing-sets are one of the most popular types of play equipment for gardens when it comes to summertime. Swinging may seem like an outdated pastime, however, most don’t realise that swings have come a long way since way back when us oldies were children. With trapeze swings, duo swings and even baby seat swings all available to purchase online for your home garden, they won’t be able to resist! Here are some ideas to get your little monkeys swinging around outside, before they drive you bananas!

Button Swing

Child On A Swing

A button swing is one of the most popular selling types of swing when it comes to outdoor play equipment. Probably due to the simplicity of these types of swings. Suitable for most children, they can be attached to an existing climbing set, or even a tree in your garden. An ideal present idea for the grandchildren, or the other little ones in your family.

Tyre Swing

Child On A Tyre Swing

A tyre swing brings some classic fun to your garden in an old fashioned form. By adding a tyre swing to the outdoor play equipment in your garden you will be encouraging your kids to take part in the same activities that you probably did as a kid, and while they’re busy swinging away, you will have all the time in the world to reminisce your childhood.

Trapeze Swing

Child On A Trapeze Swing

A trapeze swing would suit your little gymnast down to the ground. A trapeze swing will allow your children to learn more control over their body, and to build upper body strength through exercise, by showing off their skills with the extra hand grips under the seat. Perfect for those little kids that love to hang about in the garden.

Metal Facing Duo Swing

Children On A Duo Swing

For those of you with children of a similar age, investing in a duo swing will certainly save on hearing the kids arguments over your outdoor play equipment! No more bickering over who’s turn it is next, a metal facing duo swing will allow a single child, or two children to swing together in harmony! They will have to learn to work together, swinging themselves to infinity and beyond!

Babyseat Swing

Babyseat Swing

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about the really little ones! A babyseat swing is the perfect way to introduce your baby to outdoor play. Suitable for about 6 months onwards, the babyseat swing is constructed with a high back that will support your baby where support is needed most, and the crossbar and harness will provide the necessary safety aspect to keep your baby safely snuggled in and ready to rock-a-bye-baby to its little hearts content.

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