If you are looking to add style and security to your garden whilst providing a visually pleasing design statement then one of the most beneficial additions you can make is to install a garden gate in an appropriate style to match the space.

However when selecting the design, you will find that there are a number of different styles of gates to choose from and as such the task of trying to decide on what fits best in your garden can seem an overwhelming task. As such, educating yourself on the different choices that are available will be invaluable when it comes to making your final decision.

Choosing the Material

The majority of gates suitable for the garden tend to be constructed from either metal or wood depending upon the look you are trying to achieve.

Wooden Gates – Timber is the perfect material for constructing a garden gate from because it is easily worked into a number of styles, provides a visually pleasing appearance once stained or varnished and as such offers great value for money to the homeowner. One point worth noting with this material is that when selecting wooden gates try to specify gates that are manufactured from treated wood to ensure they can stand up to the elements and therefore offer maximum levels of durability.

Metal Garden Gate
Wooden Garden Gate

Metal Gates – Achieving a completely different look, a metal garden gate is extremely popular because they are extremely hardwearing and require little maintenance other than the occasional coat of paint making them perfect for modern lifestyles. In terms of design, a metal gate can be made into much more elaborate designs than timber and as such will suit more outdoor settings around the home and garden.

Choosing the Style

To ensure the gates match your existing garden design it is important to make a few considerations. The simplest method of selecting the appropriate design is to draw inspiration from existing features such as arched doorways, fencing or even structural planting and try to pick a style that mirrors the features.

For example, a stark garden design with uniform planting will suit a simple metal gate featuring basic infill bars and box section frame work so as to match the existing look. In comparison a cottage style garden will suit a gate that is far more decorative in design as this will blend well with the existing planting schemes.

Levels of Security

To achieve the most secure garden space you should select garden gates that can be secured with a lock so as to prevent trespassers from entering the space. In addition to this, to prevent people simply climbing over, always try to select a gate of at least 6ft in height.

In conclusion, whilst there is a wide range of gate designs to choose from, if you take your time and take into account the above information you will find the task of selecting the most suitable design to match your garden will be simple and more than likely be far more affordable than you may imagine.


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