Having a properly secured boundary to your property will serve a number of purposes however the main 2 are aesthetics and security. As such, when selecting new fencing it is essential that a number of factors are taken into consideration so the correct ones are chosen.By taking into account the below information, you will be able to confidently order your new fencing safe in the knowledge you have made the correct choice.

Wooden Fencing

Available in many forms, the addition of a wooden fence will add charm and character to your property and creates the perfect backdrop for garden planting whilst increasing security and privacy to your home. However with such a vast choice of designs and styles to choose from the decision can seem a little daunting.

Wooden Fence Panels – This option is both cost effective and affordable to the majority of homeowners. Available in an endless array of styles, they simply drop into specialist posts that hold them securely in place. Providing great levels of privacy due to the solid panel design they also make a difficult obstacle for would be trespassers to penetrate. Their drawback is that they are not the most durable of items and are prone to being blown out of the posts during periods of high winds leading to costly repairs being required. As an alternative to the cheap fence panels, many manufacturers offer a heavier duty version that is constructed using pressure treated timber for ultimate durability and due to the above mentioned problem with high winds are increasing in popularity in recent years.

Picket Fence – The perfect solution for providing a clearly defined boundary at a low cost price, once fitted they can look amazing in the right location. Whilst they do not physically stop someone accessing your property, they do act as a clear psychological barrier.

Regardless of the type of wooden fence you choose, remember that it will require regular maintenance and painting to keep it looking its best and performing to the best of its capabilities.

Metal Fencing

metal-spear-top-finial-fenceMetal fencing and railings are a stark contrast to wooden fencing options. Due to the material used in construction they provide much more strength and as such are better equipped to meeting the demands of homeowners looking for high levels of security. Available in a choice of styles, some are fitted with spear top finials to make climbing over them dangerous. The downside to metal fencing is that the costs are high compared to timber counterparts. Additionally, because they are constructed from individual bars that have been welded together, the levels of privacy achieved with metal fencing is low.

Regardless of the material chosen, it is essential that you choose a design that will increase the aesthetic appeal of your property as this will enable your home to benefit from increased kerb appeal. To choose the right design, draw on the architectural style of your home. For example a period property will no doubt have period features such as arched windows or ornate brickwork. If this is the case opt for a fence design that will mirror that to achieve the best results.

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