The sunny weather of July has given people of the UK a chance to get a suntan without needing to leave the country. For homeowners it has prompted a need to give the back garden some attention whether it is cutting the grass, pruning the bushes, or updating the haggard old garden furniture with a brand new set.

Rattan garden furniture is available in a wide collection of types but in this article we’re focusing on chairs and tables for the garden, which can also include benches. They provide a great place to sit and enjoy the sun as well as a simple alternative to the dining table so you can enjoy fresh cooked food straight from the BBQ in the comfort of your garden.

Rattan furniture is ideal for the garden because of its light weight, allowing you to reposition it easily, and durability against varying weather conditions (perfect for gardens in the UK).

We’ve put together a collection of 5 great garden layouts that feature rattan garden furniture to provide you with some garden ideas to suit your own home and help you when deciding to buy some new rattan furniture.

Randal Whitmore

Editor of Home Luv and a prolific writer and reader of interior design and home improvement. Currently undergoing a variety of building and renovation projects. Big fan of solving complex problems with simple solutions.

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