The standard coffee table is fine. It works as its meant to by supporting your beverages, the odd plate of food, and occasionally a pair of kicked up feet if your mother never told you to keep your feet off the table.

It works fine in most instances where a couch or group of armchairs are placed and you can buy it in glass, wood, a range of colours, blah blah blah but in an awesome games room the standard coffee table just feels too…standard. That’s where The Arcane comes in to kick the #@%! out of the boring and ordinary four-legged refreshments platforms!

At first sight it looks like your average black glass-topped coffee table, complete with an oak or walnut frame – the kind you find in an artsy contemporary living. But behind this glossy fascia is a old school gamer’s paradise waiting to be unlocked.

At the click of a button, the middle of the table reveals its 26” LCD screen – underneath the glass! To control it there is a pair of built-in arcade controllers hidden in one of the table’s flanks that fold out on demand (the kind you used to find on old street fighter arcade machines). TRANSFORMERS, TABLES IN DISGUISE!

Arcane Arcade Coffee Table

Loaded with 100 old school arcade games, such as Pacman and Space Invaders, the fun times don’t stop there. You can install up to 1,000 emulators to enjoy the nostalgia of being an 80s gamer either on your own or against your friends.

Furthermore, The Arcane Arcade Table comes with a Intel® Pentium Dual Core CPU, is powered by Windows 7, and comes with a whole bunch of other computer features that allow you to play movies, browse the internet and even play music – all from a coffee table!

If you are looking for a coffee table to fit a games room, this is without a doubt the one to go for.

For a rundown of the entire tech spec, check out the table maker’s official site.

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