The fun of owning a games room is pretty endless. As long as you fill it with a good variety of games machines, complementary furniture and other entertaining equipment, you’ll create a den of joy where you’ll be able to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

The methods of gaming at home have certainly evolved since the invention of billiard tables and card games but no matter how extensive the choice of devices gets, the classics always stay fascinating in our hearts and minds.

To give you a dose of gaming nostalgia we’re going to identify the essential, classic items that any home games room should at least contain.

1. A pool, snooker or billiards table

Cue sports are a great test of accuracy and skill that can be played either on your own or against other players so you don’t have to wait for a buddy before you can play.

UK Pool Table

A traditional pool or snooker table is made of solid wood, like oak, and has a slate bed beneath the cloth (rather than an MDF bed that can be found on cheaper, often foldable, tables). You can buy them in various sizes to suit the size of your games room but the size of a full-sized snooker table is 12 feet and pool tables come in two popular sizes: American pool tables are up to 9 feet long whereas UK pool tables go up to 8 feet.

If you want a more modern games room, you can find more contemporary pool tables out there with impressive, up-to-date designs.

2. A CD jukebox that looks like its from the 60s

CDs may be considered old hat but they are like the mini modern day version of the LP record and look cool inside of a retro multi-disc jukebox that changes tracks like the original ones did.

CD Jukebox

The most appealing thing about owning a jukebox is that you and anyone you are with can have control over the music being played (from what is available), making the experience inside of your games room even more fun and interactive – especially if someone cues up a cheesy tune.

3. A foosball table

The correct name for it is actually table football but thanks to the US television show Friends, and other media in that part of the world, it is commonly known as a foosball table.

If you decide to buy one then you better have someone to regularly play it with because like actual football there are two sides that have to compete.

There is a massive variety of table football tables to choose from to fit in with any games room style but one of the best brands to check out is Garlando because theirs are approved by the International Table Football Federation and recognised worldwide – if you fancy playing like the pros of course.

4. A pinball machine

Pinball is a popular arcade game that has been played for over a century through a number of evolutionary types since its invention as an adapted billiards game in the 1700s (Wikipedia).

History aside, the most popular type of pinball machine is the 70s version which features electronic flashing lights, a scoreboard of some kind, a spring launcher that fires the ball, and flippers.

Pinball is primarily a single player game and the competition comes from whoever can score the highest, however, if you are feeling silly you can have one person operate the left flipper whilst the other controls the right one.

5. A table tennis table

A ping pong table is by far the most physically demanding of the essential games room equipment we’ve suggested but its great fun when you know how to play it properly. As you will know it is a two player game that is played on a divided table that is a standard 9ft long as standard (the same as an American pool table).

The paddles (or bats) are made of wood with rubber padding on either side. They are shaped like a chinese circular fan with a handle and either side can be used, like a tennis racket, to strike the plastic, hollow ping pong ball.

Depending on how good you are, the game can be played very fast like the Olympic teams do. On the other hand, if you’re a bad player the game can drag on and become frustrating so make sure you’re keen to play and have someone equally as competitive that wants to play against you properly too.

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