After kitting out your games room with machines, arcade equipment, and other novelties like a popcorn machine or jukebox, you should start thinking about adding a poster that makes a bold statement to tie everything together.

No other poster feels more fitting for a games room than a game-themed one, which is why I’m going to share 5 of the most iconic game posters that would fit in perfectly with a games room.

1. Super Mario Characters

Super Mario is one of the classic N64 games that every fan of Nintendo knows and loves. This cool poster of the game’s characters can be bought from

Super Mario Poster

2. Pac-Man Nostalgia

I’m not sure how many people still dive into the arcade sections of their Xbox but I do and I still enjoy playing the classic Pac-Man game. This print can be bought on

Pac-Man Poster

3. Tron the Game

Although Tron is a film about living in the world of an arcade game, the actual arcade game was released prior to the movie’s launch but obviously based on its storyline. This poster is inspired by the Tron Legacy film but its connection to the game is still there. This poster can be bought on

Tron Poster

4. Space Invaders

As one of the world’s most popular games in the 70’s, Space Invaders has a place in any games room because of its sheer simplicity yet fun factor and difficulty level. You can find this retro poster at

Space Invaders Poster

5. Classic Sonic the Hedgehog

Thanks to Sega, this cool little hedgehog sped his way into our gaming hearts with a simple mission of collecting coins, staying alive, and defeating the almighty Doctor Robotnik (also known as Doctor Eggman). This poster of the original cast can be bought from

Sonic the Hedgehog Poster

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