Pool Dining Table With a Cover On

Pool dining tables are the ideal solution for cue sports players who want to play a game of pool at home but don’t have the space for a standalone pool table. Their design consists of a UK-sized (7ft long) pool table playing field, complete with pockets, bumpers, etc., concealed underneath a solid tabletop.

A pool dining table can be eaten at, like a regular dining table set, when the tabletop is covering the playing field. The cover is normally made out of a type of solid wood and remove able in either parts or as a whole piece.

When the cover is removed, the table becomes a UK pool table and often features a mechanism that increases the height of the table so that it can be played at comfortably.

Like most billiard tables, they are normally made of strong oak and can be found in a variety of styles to match different types of dining room decor. They can also be made to measure by custom pool table manufacturers like The Snooker and Pool Table Company (http://www.snookerandpooltablecompany.com/snooker-tables/snooker-dining-tables/).

Pool Dining Table With Half of the Cover RemovedPool Dining Table With the Playing Field Exposed

The size of table you choose will depend on the size of your dining room and overall playing space i.e. enough room for the table plus the cues when in play. You can buy them in smaller sizes than 7ft or play with shorter cues but it is best to check a room size guide first: http://www.snookerandpooltablecompany.com/room-size-guide.html.

The video below briefly shows how to make a pool dining table if you feel like making one for yourself:

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