Holding a dinner party for your friends, colleagues or family is a great way to spend some quality time together away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. However the planning involved in creating the perfect dinner party can become stressful in itself. Aside from the major aspects of the meal, such as which food you’ll be serving, what background music you should play, and who sits beside who, you’ll want to focus on the aesthetics of the hosting environment.


Creating the perfect dinner party environment is crucial to aid relaxation of your guests, which will see the evening proceed with enjoyment from all. It’s the little touches that make a big difference. If you are a dinner party pro then you’ll know that hearing the sound of laughter and glasses clinking together signifies a dinner party success, and as the host, you can’t kick back yourself until this is achieved.


Here at Home Luv, I want to help inspire even the most uneducated dinner party host into forward planning for the perfect dining event, and to brush up on the little touches that make an evening unforgettable.

Why dine with Dartington?

Internationally famous for its stunningly unique designs, the handmade crystal glassware that the Dartington factory produce is the perfect accompaniment to any dinner party tableware. This is because Dartington crystal glasses are available in a large selection of styles and choices such as crystal glass tumblers, wine glasses, sherry glasses, champagne flutes, and even Martini ‘cocktail’ glasses for the edgy yet sophisticated diner.


Each crystal drinking glass produced at the Dartington factory, situated in Great Torrington in Devon, is hand-crafted one at a time by a team of craftsmen led by a master glassblower with at least ten years experience.


Here’s a selection of my favourite crystal drinking glasses currently available from the Dartington factory, and my thoughts on why they would make a popular impression as a regular visitor to your dinner party table.

Dartington Crystal Dimple Tumbler

Dartington Crystal Dimple Tumbler

Designed by Frank Thrower and priced at £33.60* for a set of two, these Dartington crystal glass Dimple tumblers are a great dinner party all-rounder. Originally introduced back in 1967 these old fashioned lead crystal tumblers is as popular at dinner party tables today as it’s ever been. Good for shorts and fruit juices, the luxurious weight of these crystal tumblers coupled with the dimpled base, make every drink from these glasses a real pleasure.

Final Verdict – A 5 star all rounder.

Dartington Crystal Glitz Wine Glasses

Dartington Crystal Glitz Wine Glasses

Including a wine glass at your dinner table is standard practice when it comes to dinner party dining and at Dartington there is a wine glass for red, white or rose wine. A unique wine glass to suit every occasion and cater to all tastes and budgets. My favourite is the Dartington Glitz range which was originally introduced back in 2010. Priced at £35.10* for a set of two presented in a gift box. The real Swarovski crystals combined with a stylish design ensures that this range certainly lives up to its name!

Final Verdict – Great for an evening in with the girls.

Dartington Crystal Ultimate Collection

Dartington Crystal Ultimate Collection

Proving that a good beer tastes even better in the right glass, the Ultimate collection is designed by Matthew Persson and priced at £15 per glass*. The ultimate dinner companion for your beer drinking pals, presented in gift tubing and supplied with a free beermat!

Final Verdict – Ideal for your football buddies.

Dartington Crystal Bar Excellence Irish Coffee Glasses

Dartington Crystal Bar Excellence Irish Coffee Glasses

Ideal for after dinner drinks, the Bar Excellence collection from Dartington Crystal offer us these stunning Irish coffee glasses for serving a delicious combination of flavours. The Bar Excellence Irish coffee crystal glasses are superior in practicality and mean you will always be able to end your dinner party in style. Priced at £32.80* for a boxed set of two glasses.

Final Verdict – Superior in practicality ensuring a delicious end to the evening.

*All prices quoted are from www.havens.co.uk and are correct at the time of publishing.

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