Upon waking up to foggy streets and a drop in temperature this morning, the sad realisation has arrived that summer is coming to a close. The increase in road traffic and abundance in school buses was also a good indication as the school term has also started.

extending dining table with leather chairs

Now that we are on our way into Autumn, advertising will soon begin to remind us that Christmas is months away so start buying presents and preparing for the festivities early! Yep, these reminders seem to come earlier every year.

To stay up to date with this trend of early reminders, we’ve decided to give you some dining room table ideas that will prepare you for the festive season because it is generally around this time of year when people start considering a new table for their dining rooms.

Warning: the following info will be festive so if you can’t stand the thought of Jolly old Kris Kringle just yet, avert your eyes!

The Gadget Table Top That Grows

Spending Christmas at home often means plenty of visits from family and friends so being the perfect host with the correct furniture to cater for your visitors is ideal. This does conjure up the thought of needing a giant table to sit everyone at, even though this happens only once a year.

Unless you enjoy the idea of eating at a banquet table all year round, like King George or Queen Elizabeth, you would most likely prefer to own a table that comfortably seats your regular diners whether they are friends, family or house mates. Cue the extending dining room table.

extendable dining table mechanism

Extendable dining table sets feature foldable and slide out parts that make a seemingly regular-sized four seater table transform into a much larger beast that can give around 8 to 10 people a place to sit and eat.

Buying one of these would allow you to have a normal dining experience for most of the year with the other members of your household. Once it comes to Christmas , or any other large gatherings, you can easily extend the dining table as and when required.

The Classic Table for a Feast

On the other hand, if you have a large house and want to live like Royalty, banquet tables are a cool choice to buy. You would’ve thought that all banquet tables were just massive pieces of furniture for loads of people to sit at. Well you would have thought wrong because there are actually a variety of different banquet tables.

Banquet Table Size Guide

Be careful though. You don’t want to end up with a huge table thinking that your house will be like a dining scene lifted out of The White Queen and only seat two people at it for most of the year or have a plonker moment like Del Boy’s Christmas gathering in Only Fools and Horses.

One for the Unconventional Host

Just in case the big and extending tables didn’t tickle your fancy, we’ve got another, yet unconventional, method for you to try and make more dining spaces for your Christmas visitors. It does require having two tables in your household i.e. one in your dining room and another which is likely located in a conservatory or kitchen-diner.

All you have to do is place the two together and drape a huge table cloth over them, giving it the appearance of a big table that you can easily dis-assemble and return to its former state once your visitors have gone.

Although this provides less stability than a complete table top, it is the low cost option if you need the extra dining space but can’t afford to get a new table yet.

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