As a keen reader of home improvement magazines and interior design blogs, I frequently find myself coming across the term colour term “earthy tones”. It can be used in virtually any room but the question might come to mind: what exactly is an earthy tone?

If you’re going to be silly about it you might consider that the earth has many natural colours: blue and green being two that come to mind from an illustrative perspective of “The Earth”.

On the other hand, you might have a more sensible, chemical perspective and guess that an earthy tone is one that relates to soil, gravel – any type of natural compound that makes up the element of “Earth”.

Whichever you believe it to be, we’re going to settle the score by identifying what the earthy palette of colours is and how you can use it in your bedroom – if you like the look of it of course.

An Earthy Colour Palette

Earth tones are reflective of our natural land e.g. grass and trees – shades of green, soil – a variety of browns, stone – deep grays, and more. Wikipedia’s perspective is that this colour scheme is “an emulation of the natural colors found in dirt, moss, trees and rocks” (

With colours, the best way to explain them is to show them to you so below you will find a few mixes of earth tones.

Earth Tone Colour Scheme 3
Earth Tone Colour Scheme 2
Earth Tone Colour Scheme

The contrast of these colours can vary too, they don’t always have to be dark and moody. You can use slightly lighter tones and even add a shade of apple red for an autumnal earth tone.

Now that we’ve seen what this type of colour scheme looks like on screen, lets see how people have painted their bedrooms using this wonderful tone.

Earthy Green Bedroom Decor

Green vintage bedroom from Bedroom Glamor Ideas.

After looking at some earth tone colour palettes and seeing which colours in particular are commonly used for bedrooms, we can finish by saying we know what they are and how they can be used.

If you’re decorating your bedroom using this colour, please let us know in the comments section below or even better Tweet us a photo of your project and how its coming along.

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