One of the most effective ways to make your bedroom appear more spacious is to clear any clutter by organising your belongings with the appropriate furniture and accessories.

Unfortunately, some furnishings that are designed specifically for organising can be bulky and take up even more room, which is definitely what you want to avoid in an already cramped bedroom. So what’s the solution? Furniture with built-in storage facilities!

To help people who like store lots of stuff at home, we’re going to share the types of multi-purpose furniture that will keep it organised in the bedroom and, in turn, maximise your bedroom’s space.

Built-in Bed Frame Storage

There are a variety of bed frame designs that provide compartments beneath the mattress, slats, springs, etc, with adequate storage for anything from bed linen to your underpants.

Folding, Hinged Divan Beds

Unlike a regular divan bed, this type has a hollowed out underbelly where things can be kept out of sight. Even more unique is the hinged end of the bed, which allows the mattress to be lifted like a car bonnet to allow use of the storage area underneath.

Brown Ottoman Bed

Another name for them is ottoman divan beds because they are basically like a giant ottoman you’d have in the living room but with a mattress on it.

Personally I don’t like these types of bed because I’m not keen on the idea of re-making it after I’ve accessed the underneath part. Ideally it would be used to store your clean linen so when the time comes when it needs changing, re-making the bed is not an issue.

Slide Out Bed Storage

Another type of storage space built into the bed is the slide-out kind. These can be bought either fixed (designed and built with the bed frame) or as an optional addition (usually a drawer on wheels).

By choosing a bed that has been designed with a slide out drawer, you don’t have to worry about excess dust coating your organised belongings because the drawer edges often sit flush to the bed frame. This is most common with divan bed designs that have built-in drawers on sliders.

Divan Bed With Storage

Adding drawers on wheels to go underneath a traditional bed frame that naturally has space underneath is fine, however, you might have to clean them more often than their built-in counterparts unless you use storage containers with lids.

Bed Drawers on Wheels

Ottomans With Storage

Bedroom ottomans are another great two-in-one piece of furniture that help to keep the room organised. The storage space inside of them vary based on the size of ottoman you buy but they also act as a good seat that can be positioned at the foot of the bed or anywhere else a bedroom stool may be required.

Bedroom Ottoman

Fold Out Sofa Beds

Some bedroom designs try to make space for a sofa because they provide comfortable, stylish seating for entertainments like gaming, watching movies, reading a book, etc. After all, it would be cool to have one in that room.

For people who live with small bedrooms, the dream of having a sofa in the room, as well as a bed, is impossible. Fortunately sofa beds give owners a two-in-one solution so they can have the benefits of both pieces of furniture.

Clic Clac Sofa Bed

Some sofa beds have backs that fold down flush with the seat so the entire thing becomes a mini mattress that you can tuck into a sheet. These are called clic clac sofa beds. Others have a pull out mattress that is hidden beneath the seat of the sofa, with foldable legs made out of metal.

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