We all know that bedside lamps offer a convenient way to illuminate your bedroom from the comfort of your bed without the need to get up and flick a light switch on the wall.

Common lamps feature a flick switch on the base, power lead, or close to the bulb. These types can cause owners to clumsily locate its light switch in the night if they need to see in the dark quickly, sometimes knocking over bedside ornaments or a glass of water during their attempt.

Touch lamps on the other hand provide sleepy heads an easier method of lighting up their bedroom by responding to the touch of your finger on a sensor within the lamp’s base/ frame, reducing the potential danger of tipping over a glass or making a mess of the bedside table in the middle of the night.

Video of How the Lamp Works

Home Luv’s first experience using a bedside touch lamp was in a hotel room at The British Racing School in Newmarket. We were so impressed that we had to create this short video showing how table touch lamps work:

Personally I love the idea of owning one of these because of their modern style and easy use. If like me though you wondered “are touch lamps dangerous?” this useful thread should help quash those curiosities.

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