Autumn is well under way and as expected the only way for the temperature to go is down on our brisk approach to Winter so now is as good a time as any to prepare your bedroom for the big freeze.

To help keep your bedroom warm and toasty, we’ve provided some warming options for you to try out this winter that are very easy to get hold of and start using straight away.

Girl in a duvet

1. Thicken up your tog

As weird as it sounds, it is fact that increasing the tog thickness of your bedding will help insulate you better from Jack Frost as you slumber, unless you happen to live inside of an igloo. Duvets with 15 togs of fluffy padding are considered one of the comfiest and most effective to keep your body heat trapped and warm during the Winter.

Draught excluder

2. Exclude any draughts

If you live in a draughty house, the cold winds are likely to swoop underneath your bedroom door’s clearance gap and into the room. To avoid the whistling chill of the wintry draught, use a draught excluder. Rather than buying a fancy one, you could follow this tutorial and make one yourself.

Of course if you can stop the wind entering your house at the source then place the excluder there to stop the whole house getting breezy.


3. Clear radiator obstructions

Central heating is ineffective if the heat that your radiators are emitting is prevented from travelling around the rooms by furniture or any other large items. To keep your bedroom warm you must therefore clear the area around your radiator so that it can project its heat as far across the room as possible.


4. Thick pile to keep your toes warm

When you first step out of bed on a cold morning, the chill under your feet is an uncomfortable surprise that you never adjust to – worse if you have a hardwood floor with no heating installed underneath.

If you are growing tiresome of owning wooden flooring anyway, you could opt to have carpet installed. A nice thick pile would be nice around Wintertime, however, it may be better to choose one that is all-weather friendly.

The alternative, yet similar, fix for cold feet is a large rug placed under and around the perimeter of your bed or a smaller one positioned near enough that aren’t shocked awake by the icy floor.


5. Trap in heat with chunky curtains

If your curtains are only made out of a thin fabric, you might want to consider something thicker and more capable of insulating your bedroom.

During the day you will want to let the natural daylight in because you never know when a cloud might break and floor your room with heat radiated by the windows. In the evening though, you can stop the night time chill entering through the windows by drawing a thicker curtain that covers the entire size of the window cavity.

Electric blanket

6. Warm up fast with an electric blanket

A popular purchase around this time of year is the electric blanket because of its capability to get warm quickly and keep you heated all through the night. If you can’t seem to keep yourself toasty with your own body heat, give one of these a go!



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