Do you want to refresh the overall look of your bathroom? Are you tired of seeing the same old, boring tiles with nothing but stubborn limestone on them?

The truth is that a complete overhaul will cost you a lot of money. And in most cases such a repair is an unexpected cost that you might not be able to afford. That is why we decided to give you some great and very useful tips on how to make your bathroom look fancy and modern.

For the purpose, we chose one of the most classical colour combinations, a sign of luxury and style – black and gold! See some of the most functional and stylish bathroom accessories, which will turn your current bathroom into a little piece of heaven. Here we offer you some great interior ideas!

The most efficient and affordable way to achieve a modern look for your bathroom is choosing the right accessories. In fact, small details are the essence of the whole interior. If you know how to use them, they can turn even the most boring bathroom into a designer masterpiece.

The combination of black and gold will be a really great addition to the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. Black is a classical and modern interior decision. As for gold, it will be in perfect contrast and will definitely add some extra luxury.

What accessories can you choose? Here is a short list:

Decorative towels:

Black and Gold Bathroom Accessories

Towels are among the most common bathroom accessories. And yes, it sounds pretty obvious to put some fluffy towels in your bathroom. After all, it is not very comfortable to go around the house after you have just taken a shower and look for something to wrap round your waist.

In recent years, more and more interior designers have made towels a part of the decoration. There are different patterns, colours, sizes and fabrics. The more you choose, the cosier your bathroom will look.


Candles on the Bathroom Sink

Candles in the bathroom? Why not! They are stylish and you can be sure that a few little candles will create a really romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom. Black candles – great! Gold candlesticks – classic!

Organic decorations:

A nice, glass bowl with sand or pebbles is a fantastic natural decoration. And in order to make it suitable for your black and gold bathroom, you can paint some of the pebbles in black. Also, have you ever heard of glass art? This bowl is great opportunity to let your imagination fly and turn it into a piece of art.

‘Mirror, mirror on the wall…’

Bathroom Mirror With Black and Gold Frame

At last but not at least, we have to mention the magic of mirrors. If your bathrooms is small and you want to make it a bit more spacious (at least optically), then mirrors are the perfect solution for you. They are functional, stylish and you can be sure that they will never be out-of-fashion.

Also, see if you can find some black frame for the mirror above the sink. It will add some atticism to the interior.

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