There is nothing worse than waking up on a cold winter’s morning. The struggle to get out of bed is bad enough, but then you have the dreaded few moments when you have to get naked before you hop in the shower. And then, no matter how warm your shower was, you instantly feel freezing again the moment you get out. Sound familiar? Well, to ensure the winter doesn’t take over your home, here are some key tips for making your bathroom feel warmer…

Choose your bath tub wisely

There are certain materials that retain heat better than others. Therefore, if you select a bath tub that has been made from one of the materials in question, you can ensure that you benefit from a warmer bath for longer.

So, what are the materials you should be looking out for? Brass, copper, soapstone and volcanic limestone.

Update your bath mat

Who said that a bath mat had to be a plain small rectangular piece of fabric? Why not opt for a big shaggy rug instead? This will give you something warm to stick your feet into. You can find some really great bath mats and rugs at Linens Direct.

White Bathroom Rug on the Floor

When purchasing a bathroom rug it is always recommended to add some rug tape or a rug pad to prevent any accidents through slipping. In addition to this, pick your colours wisely – this is a piece of advice that applies to everything in the bathroom. Warm colours will instantly make the room feel warmer, whilst cool colours will indeed have the opposite effect.

Heat up your towels

If you want to prevent that horrible moment when you step out the shower and instantly feel cold again, you need to purchase a heated towel bar. The instance you step out the shower or the bath you can wrap your towel around you and ensure that you stay warm. The difference is astounding. Your heated towel bar will undoubtedly become your new best friend during the freezing winter months.

Install a steam shower

This is obviously not an investment everyone can afford to do nor will they have the space to do so. Nevertheless, if you do get the opportunity to invest in a steam shower, do it! You will never look back. Everyone who has a steam shower states that they could never live without it. This is a luxury bathroom addition.

Bring some brightness to your walls

Last but not least, the final tip to keep your bathroom warm during winter is to rev up the wall colour. White seems to be the shade of choice when it comes to so many bathrooms in the current day and age. So much so that it is seen as somewhat of a requirement. This is definitely not the case. Why not opt for a pattern wallpaper? Paint the walls red? Incorporate turquoise? There is no limit to the choices at your disposal.

Sarah Atkinson

Sarah Atkinson works in digital marketing and has an interest in interior design. She currently works alongside brands within the home interior industry.

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