Cleanse yourself in a spacious bathroom inspired by these fantastic interiors that suit houses abundant in space.

Plenty of home blogs and magazines focus on smaller houses and how to effectively use the bathroom space that home owners are dealt with. It’s therefore easy to forget that there are loads of houses in the UK that have big interiors, which also need some inspirational kindling to help decorate this area of the house.

Being a big fan of alternative interiors and combinations of untraditional furniture mixes, I’ve found 10 of my favourite eclectic bathrooms from to help inspire home owners with big bathrooms that also enjoy the appeal of organised chaos.

1. Olympic Swimmer’s Wash Room

2. Exotic His & Hers Basins

3. Bronze Enriched Bathroom

4. New Age Farm House Bathroom

5. Persian-Inspired Bathing

6. Tropical Wash Room

7. Pebble Bath Centre Piece

8. Exposed Bricks vs Marble Shower

9. Shabby Chic Bathroom

10. British Loft Bathroom

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