Hang It Up on Wall Hooks Made from Old Skateboards by Deckstool

The guys over at Deckstool have unleashed their Skateclocks brand into the wild, which means homeowners can get a taste of their skateboard recycling magic in the form of smaller household furnishings. Surprisingly the line hasn’t been kicked off with a clock but instead a trendy wall hook in the shape of skate trucks that have been forged from the wood of a recycled skateboard nose.

Deckstool Skateboard Truck Wall Hook

Famous for their larger products, such as skateboard stools and benches, the Podlaski brothers have formed Skateclocks for the smaller bits of broken boards that suit smaller household items like clocks and more.

Fans of the sport can add these anywhere they like but for us here at Home Luv we think they’d be a great addition to any home games room for when guests come over to hang out.

Deckstool Skateboard Truck Wall Hook With iPhone
Deckstool Skateboard Truck Wall Hook With Towel

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