A DIY Guy With Creative Ideas Attempting to Enrich the Interiors of British Homes

Randal Whitmore - Home Luv Editor

Randal is the founder and editor of Home Luv whose addiction to home improvement began as a child, aiding his Father in improving their first house in sunny Southend.

The Business Graduate now works for a digital marketing agency in Essex and is constantly seeking out captivating furniture and home products for his first house which he hopes to own in the not-too-distant future.

Home Luv is a great platform that catches all of Randal’s home design thoughts in an inspiration fishing net and proudly displays the best picks for readers to marvel upon.

The majority of articles published are written by the man himself, however, from time to time he invites friends to write the odd piece that may be of interest to fans of the blog.

Whatever your relationship is with home improvement, Home Luv aims to inspire.

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Randal Whitmore

Randal Whitmore is the Editor of Home Luv and a prolific writer and reader of interior design and home improvement. He’s experienced and lived in a variety of housing environments as a University student and dreams of owning a home in the British countryside.

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